Clearspot Organic Tofu

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Clearspot Organic Tofu

It is said Tofu was first produced some 200 years ago in China. If you enjoy cooking, Tofu is for you. From casserole to ‘cheesecake’, our tofu gives great results. Tofu does not absorb oil so frying only crisps the outside, leaving the inside a delicate contrast. Tofu and a good soy sauce go very well together, marinate or dip tofu in a blend of your own making – add chilli sauce or mustard, garlic, etc.


INGREDIENTS: water, soya beans*, Nigari.

*organically grown

Nigari is a mineral extract of sea salt


Nutrition facts                   per 100g 

Energy                                  401.6kJ / 95.7kcal

Fats g                                    4.1

Carbohydrates g               2.5

Protein g                              12.2


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