Delamain Voyage Cognac

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Delamain Voyage Cognac

In the middle of the 18th century, James Delamain, a young man from Ireland, undertook a journey to France tracing the steps of his ancestors a century earlier. He discovered the rolling countryside of the Charente, where he promptly settled to start a family and establish his company.

In the heart of the cognac region the landscape of rolling hills is covered with vines planted in very chalky soils known as the Grande Champagne. From the very outset, the Delamain family has always sought out and exclusively crafted the oldest, rarest and most authentic eaux-de-vie from this prestigious terroir.

Tucked away in the shadows of the cellars, heavy glass demi-johns protect the remarkably old cognac eaux-devie which has at long last reached its maturity, each in itself an open invitation for a venture back in to time. Tasting these old cognacs takes you back to an age of crinoline, leather trunks and horse-drawn carriages preparing to make a journey abroad.

The blend of these cognacs from yesteryear unfolds a kaleidoscope of subtle sensations: all the perfumes of Russian leather, the musky aroma of the tropics, the heady scent of tobacco from the Americas, of coffee from Africa heralding the spicy hints of the Far East and finally the bouquet of grapes from the hillsides of the Grande Champagne.

This cognac is carried in the pure form of a Baccarat crystal decanter, forged from fire and silica and nestled in its leather luxury gift box.


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