Everhot Electric Range Cooker Model EVH 100i

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Everhot Electric Range Cooker – Model EVH 100i

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The Everhot 100i has all the traditional style of a classic range cooker; its four cast iron doors provide a beautifully balanced appliance which forms the centrepiece of any kitchen. Behind the doors lie the roasting and casserole ovens, whilst behind a third door lies a useful plate warming area. The final door conceals all the controls necessary to run the cooker.

The Everhot 100i benefits from a commercial quality induction hob conveniently located under a second stainless steel lid. These state of the art hobs match all of Everhot’s requirements for both reliability and performance; indeed they are found in many top class restaurants around the world- in a domestic environment they should last a lifetime.


Background Heat – The Everhot is a heat storage range cooker that will provide gentle heat into your kitchen.

Weight Saving – Built to last a lifetime, the Everhot is incredibly solid, but its weight (350kg) means that the kitchen floor should not need reinforcing, and if you move, you can take it with you.

Flue Free – Because it runs on electricity, the Everhot needs no flue. Again, this makes installation easy and also reduces energy consumption.

Energy Saving – With its unique, energy saving design, the Everhot has extremely low electricity requirements, so you can simply plug it into a 13amp socket just like an electric kettle. Many owners have praised its ‘miserly consumption’. An additional 13amp socket is required for the induction hob.

Total Control – Each Everhot oven and heating surface can be independantly adjusted to the temperature you require. If a particular cooking area is not needed for long periods, you can switch it off or turn it down without affecting other areas. And on hot summer days, you don’t have to roast in the kitchen.

Grill – You’ll have a full width radiant grill, which can also be used to rapidly boost oven temperature.

Maintenance Free – With a little care and affection, the Everhot will perform trouble free year after year, with no annual servicing requirement.

ECO Control – Designed to give lower running costs and a cooler kitchen in the summer, the ECO control provides a type of ‘sleep’ facility which allows the range to be dropped to a predetermined lower temperature. It is estimated that savings through regular overnight use to be around 15% of overall running costs.

Energy Consumption – The Everhot 100i consumes approximately 85 units* of electricity per week when used at reccommended settings. (Normal cooking temperatures with ECO enabled between 9pm and 5am).

*Excludes induction hob usage.

Everhot Colours: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Cream, Graphite, Green, White

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