Garofalo Fusilli Lunghi Pasta 500g

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Garofalo Fusilli Lunghi Pasta. 500g pack.
The ancient art of making pasta from durum wheat has a very long tradition in Gragnano. The history of pasta on the 'magic' hill of this little town, very close to Naples, started more than 500 years ago.

In the underlying valley, there were several mills fed by fresh and plentiful mountain springs. The semolina from the mill, mixed with fresh spring water, gave a very characteristic taste to the pasta.
However, the key role was played by the unique climate of Gragnano: warm, but not too humid, due to the sea breeze and the proximity to the mountains.
Gragnano's climatic characteristics made it the ideal place for a much slower drying of pasta than the original sun-drying method.
Today, the Signature pasta still has a slower drying time than most commercial pastas, and its high protein content (14%) and bronze die finish make it the choice for chefs.