Glebe Farm Sultana Scone Mix 400g

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Glebe Farm Sultana Scone Mix 400g

Glebe Far gluten free mixes give excellent results very time. The recipes are created by Rebecca Rayner who tests the mixes in the Glebe Farm Kitchen to ensure they are easy to use and most importantly taste delicious.


INGREDIENTS: gluten free flour (potato starch, sarrasin flour), sultanas, sweetener (xylitol (a nautral sugar substitute)), gluten free baking powder (raising agents (sodium pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate)), thickeners (xantham gum), pectin


Nutrition facts                   per 100g 

Energy                                  1369kJ / 322kcal

Fats g                                    0.7

Carbohydrates g               76.3

Protein g                              2.7


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