Grahams Six Grapes Reserve Port 75cl

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Product Description

Grahams Six Grapes Reserve Port 75cl

Six Grapes is one of Graham’s original Port blends. The rather curious and primitive depiction of bunches of grapes on the label has always been used on the cask ends to identify the “Six Grapes” blend. In the Graham’s stocks a bunch of grapes signifies a wine of Vintage quality and amongst these the six bunches denote the fact that this is the darkest and most full-bodied wine. Only grapes from firstclass vineyards are used for this mark. Six grapes is a limited selection representing only approximately 11% of what Graham’s sells on an annual basis. It is a true expression of Graham’s house style with great richness and complexity. As the Port trade has no category which adequately describes Six Grapes, we choose to refer to it as “the everyday Port for the Vintage Port drinker”. We have always aimed to make it the finest young Port available within its price bracket. “Six Grapes” is a big hearted wine. It is fruity and robust and of superb quality. It is blended to be as similar as possible to a young Vintage Port. Unique in the Port trade, Graham’s selects its “proprietary blend” ahead of its more commercial and much larger Late Bottled Vintage lot. All other Port shippers make a lighter style “Reserve” blend out of lots that remain after they have bottled their LBV’s.

Tasting Notes:

Dark red colour, with a seductive rich perfume of ripe plums and cherries. On the palate, complex, with a good structure and a long lingering finish.