Kent's Kitchen Green Thai Curry Kit

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Product Description

Kent's Kitchen Green Thai Curry Kit

This thai green curry meal kit serves up to 4 people. 

The kit contains…

• thai curry paste

• garnishing

• infused garlic oil


You add the fresh ingredients…

• coconut milk 400ml

• large prawns or diced fresh chicken approx 250g

• cherry tomatoes 50g

• fine green beans 80g

• fresh coriander to garnish

INGREDIENTS: thai green paste: water, salt, sunflower oil, dried green beans, dried lime juice, onion juice, dried garlic, sugar, ground ginger, coriander leaf, dried jalapeno pepper, ground coriander, lemongrass extract. Garnish: coconut desiccated, coriander leaves, crushed chillies. Oil: infused garlic oil

Per 100g:

Energy(kcal)504, Energy(kJ)2081,



Saturated fat(g)18.6,

Carbohydrate(g) 12.0,


Dietary Fibre(g)4.6,