L'Occitan Mens Shaving Gel 150ml

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Product Description

L'Occitan Mens Shaving Gel 150ml

A shaving gel in our most popular texture, scented with Eau de L'OCCITAN for a refreshing shave.

This refreshing shaving gel transforms into a silky foam, for a gentle shave on all types of beard.  It effectively protects your skin from the risk of razor cuts, and helps prevent irritation and dryness.  Skin is left soft and lightly scented with the aromatic, L'OCCITAN fragrance.

Pump dispenser delivers just the right amount for a complete shave.  Formula is enriched with skin soothers.  Brushed aluminium bottle for an authentic, masculine look.  

Wet skin.  Apply one pump to fingertips, massage into beard to create a foam.  Using light pressure, shave in the direction of hair growth, rinsing razor in warm water between strokes.  After shaving, rinse face and neck with cold water.  Pat skin dry with a towel.