Maxime Trijol Ancestral Cognac 70cl


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Maxime Trijol Ancestral Cognac

Maxime Trijol Ancestral Cognac is selected from a single lot which shows all the rancio and typicity of the oldest Grande Champagnes at their finest, great length and finesse.

Maxime Trijol cognacs come from the very finest growths of the delimited region.

The venerable age of this cognac gives it unmistakable nobility. The warm amber colour is shot through with flashes of old gold. To the nose and on the palate, it carries exceptional concentration and complexity. The bouquet is simply superb, with touches of preserved apricot, dried fruit, walnuts, spices and a hint of lime tree flowers.

The aromatic balance blossoms on the palate with remarkable length, warm, mellow and flattering. For a truly regal, extraordinary evening's pleasure, this is a cognac to be enjoyed with infinite patience.

Premier Cru. 70cl.