Whole Earth Organic No Caf Coffee Alternative 100g

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Product Description

Whole Earth Organic No Caf Coffee Alternative 100g

Whole Earth No Caf instant drink with organic barley and chicory is a naturally caffeine-free alternative to coffee. No Caf cuts out the caffeine but leaves the delicious roasted and bitter flavours you would expect from a refreshing cup of coffee – hoorah! We use chicory for an invigorating coffee taste, and roasted figs and malt for a full flavour – what more could you ask for?


INGREDIENTS: organic barley 38%, organic malted barley 27%, organic chicory 23%, organic rye, organic figs 2%

ALLERGY ADVICE: contains barley, rye and gluten


Nutrition facts                   per 100g 

Energy                                  1520kJ / 359kcal

Fats g                                    nil

Carbohydrates g               79.7

Protein g                              5.5

Sodium g                             0.09


Kallo Foods Ltd

River View


GU17 9AB