Here at Bakers and Larners, our food hall is a veritable treasure trove of products sourced from our favourite local producers. From savoury foods, to confectionery, alcoholic beverages and fine delicatessen selections, there’s sure to be something for everyone wishing to discover a taste of Norfolk. In our latest blog edition, we speak to Candi Robertson of Candi’s Chutney, to learn a little more about this local supplier.

Situated in Bayfield, a mere three miles north of Holt, Candi’s Chutney is a producer of unique hand-crafted chutney products. The proud winner of numerous awards and Good Food accolades, the company is run by Candi Robertson, and prides itself on the use of its own unique recipes, using the very best quality ingredients grown in East Anglia. Visit the Bakers and Larners food hall to select from a variety that includes Bramley Apple & Norfolk Ale chutney, Parsnip & Chilli chutney, and Apple & Spiced Carrot chutney. Candi Robertson describes further.

How did Candi’s Chutney come to be?

Unfortunately, due to shoulder injuries, I was unable to continue in my profession as a professional Chef. I tried a brief stint in a call centre, left on day 3 and decided to start making chutney for friends and family. Demand soon got greater and we started to sell at Blakeney Farmers market.

Where does Norfolk fit in with your product range?

We’re inspired mainly by the fact that we only use East Anglian produce in the production of all of our chutney. With the amazing wealth of quality produce out there, why wouldn't you?

Of all the chutneys you produce, which is your favourite variety and what would be the perfect accompaniment to go with it?

My personal favourite is my unique Norfolk Knobbly — my regional take on a traditional Piccalilli but with just Celeriac and onion, no nasty cauliflower.

Your company has been the proud recipient of numerous awards. What do you believe is the secret to your success?

I believe this is down to our sole use of quality, regionally and seasonally grown produce, my own unique recipes and just sharing the passion I have for great food.


How has social media helped your business?

Although annoying at times, social media is a great asset to many small businesses out there it enables us to have a platform to promote our produce, passion and business.

What have been your proudest moments at Candi’s Chutney?

Wow, there has been so many! Honestly, just being at an event and a customer telling how much they have enjoyed my Chutney, best feeling every time!

What exciting developments to do have in store for the future? (If you are able to reveal!)

We are bringing out a range of complementary products towards July this year, but we can't say anymore yet. Of course, Candi's Chutney will continue to evolve and grow as it has every year.

Find the Candi’s Chutney range at the Bakers and Larners food hall.