Cookie Policy


On 26th May 2012, an EU directive was imposed by the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), with a view to protecting the privacy of internet users. This law states that websites need to provide a clear and comprehensive guide to the use of Cookies. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer, in this case by Bakers & Larners, that help organise and store browsing information. This website uses the following Cookies detailed below:-

Google Analytics

The following four Cookies are used by Google Analytics to store user behaviour on the site, including details such as pages visited, path through the site, length of time on each page, user location, and information on how you arrived at the website. We use this information to improve the website in accordance with user behaviour.

  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc
  • __utmz
  • __utmv

These originate from You can read more about Google's Analytics Privacy Policy here: If you would like to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across any website you visit, please visit the following link:-

The following are all integral to the way that the site works; these are detailed below:-


  • bkl_recently_viewed – Used to present information on recently viewed items.
  • bkl_uname – Stores the username of the logged in person.
  • Bakers and Larners_firstname – Stores the first name of the logged in user.
  • Bakers and Larners_basketid – Stores details of what has been added to the basket.
  • bkl_SITEINFO – Stores the ID of a 'hit' record which details IP address of visitor, time visited etc.
  • cp – Stores the path you take through the categories so that the breadcrumb navigation can be displayed.

Session Cookies

  • bkl_ACCOUNT_ID – Stores the ID of the logged in user.
  • bkl_ACCOUNT_NAME – Stores the username of the logged in customer.
  • bkl_CHECKOUTID – Stores the ID of the checkout.
  • bkl_CHECKOUT_STAGE – Stores the stage of the checkout – e.g. add delivery details, add invoice details etc.
  • bkl_CHECKOUTORDERID – Stores the ID of the order.
  • bkl_Cart – Stores the ID of the shopping cart.
  • bkl_SELECTED_DELIVERY_ADDRESS – Stores the ID of the selected delivery address.
  • bkl_CHECKOUT_CLEARVARS – Used to indicate that data should be cleared after conclusion of the checkout process.
  • bkl_NUM_PROTX_TRIES – Keeps a record of the amount of times the payment process has been attempted (in case of payment failure).
  • bkl_hit – Used to store the ID of a 'hit' record which details IP address of visitor, time visited etc.
  • bkl_REDIRECT_TO – Used to store 'sorting' information selected on product listing pages.
  • bkl_LAST_ITEM_ADDED – Stores the ID of the last item added to the basket.
  • bkl_DELIVERY_REGION – Stores the region selected for delivery address.

We assume that by accessing this website, you accept the way that we use cookies. However, if you have any reason for concern, you can contact us here. You can also change your Cookie settings in your browser at any time. For more information on how to do this, please click here.