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The 110 Series

At Bakers & Larners we are proud to stock the Everhot range; the most energy efficient storage range cookers. An Everhot never goes unnoticed but it does more than give your kitchen a new focal point, it becomes the hub of everyday life. It sets the tone and provides a comforting background warmth whilst using less than half the energy of a comparable range cooker.


Its flexibility means you can control each oven, as well as the hot plate, independently and if there is a hot summer, or you are going on holiday, you can just switch your Everhot into ‘ECO’ mode. However, at heart, an Everhot remains a traditional range cooker, radiating gentle heat through the kitchen with ovens that bake, roast and cook to perfection. The full width grill in the top oven is a feature you won’t find in most other comparable cookers. Unlike many other manufacturers, the oven temperature in an Everhot will not drop when using the hot plates.


As of 1st April, Everhot prices will be rising by 5% which is around £350- £800 depending on the model. Beat the price rise and order you Everhot today.


Email our in-house Everhot expert, Jane at [email protected]

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Benefits With Everhot

The benefits of adding an Everhot to your kitchen range from its stunning centrepiece style to its ergonomic and efficient handling,

but if you need a few more reasons, here are our top picks:

7 different sizes and models; including induction hob


Easy to install using 1 or 2 13amp plug sockets


 Provides gentle heat throughout the kitchen


Large capacity ovens, all individually controlled


Handmade in a carbon negative factory


Energy efficient and fully-controllable for flexibility


Programmable ECO mode for holidays of warmer months


20 stunning colours


No servicing required


Full-width grill in all models


Made in Britain

Exclusive Offers With Bakers & Larners

With every Everhot ordered with Bakers & Larners you will receive a complimentary kitchen bundle worth up to £385 depending on the model, this offer is exclusive to Bakers & Larners of Holt and is sure to make your kitchen the heart of your home.

When you purchase an Everhot 60, Everhot 90i or Everhot 100i recieve a Le Creuset and Kuhn Rikon bundle in the colour of your choice worth £210, completely free!

When you purchase an Everhot 110i, Everhot 120i, Everhot 150i or Everhot 160i recieve a Le Creuset and Kuhn Rikon bundle in the colour of your choice worth £385, completely free!

Includes a Le Creuset 26cm Deep Rectangular Dish, Le Creuset Stove Top Kettle and a Kuhn Rikon All-Round Frying Pan 24”. *Le Creuset items can be a colour of choice (from LeCreuset core range) subject to availability.

Includes a Le Creuset 20cm Round Cast- Iron Casserole Dish , Le Creuset Stove Top Kettle and a Kuhn Rikon All-Round Frying Pan 24”. *Le Creuset items can be a colour of choice (from LeCreuset core range) subject to availability.

Meet The Expert


Email our in-house Everhot expert, Jane at [email protected]

Or call 01263 712244 Tuesday- Saturday

Book Your 1-1 Demonstration Today

Everhot’s list of benefits seems almost endless with its efficiency, flexibility, style and practical nature but the real jewel in the crown is the quality of the food it can produce.


Join Jane, our Everhot expert and all round kitchen hero, for a free 1-1 demonstration where you will discover the true quality of Everhot as well as Jane’s personal tips and tricks for getting the most out of your new cooker. Each demonstration will last around 1 hour, and includes a live cooking demonstration, tasting and Q&A for all the kitchen queries you can think of!


Call or email Jane today to book in for an appointment and discover the future of cooking.


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Or call 01263 712244 Monday- Saturday


Rich Marine Blue, Forest Green and Burgundy are the enduring favourites, whilst White, Cream and Sage provide a softer focus for a more subtle addition. Perhaps you would prefer a more contemporary look with gentle Dusky Pink, Teal or Graphite. Or the newest addition to the range, Lavender, is sure to a lively pop of colour to your kitchen. Whatever your colour choice, your Everhot will instantly take on the starring role in your kitchen.

The Classics

The Eye-Catchers

The Contemporaries


"The Everhot traditional electric cooking range consists of twelve different products, in seven different sizes. There really is an Everhot to fit all styles and sizes of kitchen. All of our heat storage range cookers are hand-crafted using traditional methods in Gloucestershire."

The 60 Series

The natural choice for smaller kitchens. Compact with no compromise; small but perfectly formed.

The 90 Series

A contemporary classic. Elegantly proportioned for the modern kitchen. The ideal replacement for a traditional range cooker.

The 100 Series

The beautiful family range. Skillfully engineered with four cast iron doors for roasting, baking and plate warming.

The 110 Series

A highly accomplished cooker with capacious ovens, easy-lift lids and good size hot plates for a busy kitchen.

Call or email Jane today to book your 1-1 demonstration.

The 120 Series

A genuine thoroughbred. Ideal for family cooking and larger kitchens with classic design and versatility.

The 150 Series

The masterpiece of the range. Sophisticated and with full capability this cooker suits when cooking for friends and families.

The 160 Series

The five-star powerhouse. A focal point to the grandest of kitchens with all the elegance and efficiency from British manufacturing.


Hand built in the Cotswolds, these mini Everhot heaters are small but mighty, combining Everhot’s heat storage expertise into an efficient and stylish 1.5kW heater, complete with cast iron door. Everhot stoves and heaters are more flexible than a traditional wood burner as they do not require a flue and can be easily plugged into a standard 13amp socket.

Choose between the Everhot Electric Stove with oven design, or the Everhot heater, without oven feature.

“For over 40 years Everhot has led the way in innovative, energy efficient, heat storage cooker design now integrated into our unique stoves and heaters.”

Everhot Electric Stove

Everhot Electric Heater

Everhot Electric Stove

Everhot Electric Heaters

February's Recipe Of The Month

Toad In The Hole- Serves 4




250g Plain Flour


4 Eggs


400ml Milk


1 scant teaspoon dried English Mustard


8 “Gloucester” sausages (or your current favourite)


1 red onion, sliced


1 tablespoon olive oil


25g Butter


Recipe and image by Everhot


You will need to turn the oven up to 220°C for this recipe – batters require a higher temperature to get a good result.


Sieve the flour and mustard into a bowl and make a “well” in the centre.


Beat the eggs and milk together, then pour gradually into the centre of the flour, whisking all the time to make a batter, which has a “dropping” consistency.


Using a deep, metal tray, melt the olive oil and butter on the hob and then add the sliced onion. Sweat for a few minutes, without colouring them and then add the sausages. Keep turning the sausages, so that they brown all over.


Once browned, pour the batter over the sausages - the sausages should be half covered. Place in the oven and bake for approx. 40-45 minutes. The batter will rise like Yorkshire Puddings and go extremely crisp on the top. Test the Sausages to make sure they are cooked (when the juices run clear they are ready). Serve piping hot from the oven, accompanied by some sautéed cabbage or peas and a rich gravy.

Cooking With Everhot

Email our in-house Everhot expert, Jane at [email protected]

Or call 01263 712244 Monday- Saturday